Tarima tecnológica


The Flooring Technology or as its English name of wood Plasti cComposite (WPC) Overvoltage Blend of Cellulose wood fibers with polymers and additives, which provides high strength and durability, outdoors, for All those who want to enjoy a pavement sin sin ys Alterations maintenance.


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His reinforced structure 2.9 kg / m, IS A first-generation materials, and tested for years and supported by the sale of large amounts of m2, value – unbeatable price, in addition to its good commercial acceptance.

• Great dimensional stability.
• Highly resistant against impacts and abrasion.
• Superfi surface against sliding.
• No additional treatment is required.
• Easy Installation.


AltoDeck® Capsule

It’s The Second Generation platform with protective cover around the Lama It allows a number of advantages over previous. Covering Lama completely get:

• One aspect m more natural.
• A Resistance Alcalde stains.
• A mayor protection against UV rays.
• Appearance sin Need Maintenance nice for years.

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